John Bailey Quintet

ASC CD156 Black Ship Bright Sea (£10)

Black Ship Bright Sea CD

Classically influenced guitar-led quintet

"It really is uplifting to hear a nylon strung guitar in this world of multi effects pedals...The four part solo suite, A Green Sun, has some of the most beautiful classical guitar playing I've heard this side of John excellent album." Bebop Spoken Here (Lance Liddle), March 22, 2015

The John Bailey Quintet features John Bailey (nylon string guitars), Richard Iles (flugelhorn), Tim France (sax), Gavin Barras (double bass) and Steve Hanley (drums).

The music on 'Black Ship Bright Sea' draws on influences from 20th Century Classical music and from European Jazz. The compositional devices rely on crossing of melodies between instruments and simultaneous melodies instead of simple harmonised ones. Harmonically the movement of chords is not based particularly on a usual system seen in jazz composition; the techniques are more in line with those of Arvo Part, each note having absolute importance and all tones present for a reason.

"... an album of both intellect and mischief." Jazz Goes To Leeds review
"... quietly seductive set" Clive Cooper, Jazz Journal 03/15