Vladimir Miller and Ken Hyder

ASC PFDL010 Cold Warm

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Vlad Miller and Ken Hyder
Vladimir Miller – Piano
Ken Hyder – Drums

Ken Hyder and Vladimir Miller have been playing together for over 20 years, beginning in the last century in Russia. In that time the world has changed, to say the least, both in the political sphere and the social. People have moved away from thinking about others, and global economics has dictated so many new and contrasting agendas. The problem is how to know what's going on... how to keep true to yourself and uncontaminated by change and dangerous madness. This album reflects these changes and thoughts of staying on the path. Cold Warm is about all these things – life itself, the joy of life, politics, spirit and thinking. Sometimes individual ideas may dominate a piece, other times several concepts knit together.

Vlad Miller: http://vladimirmiller.co.uk/
Ken Hyder: https://www.kenhyder.co.uk/