Steve Plews / Vlad Miller

Recordings from the archives and new material

In a reaction to the constraints of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, ASC artists Steve Plews and Vlad Miller have collected new and archive recordings from their 30-year collaboration and have made them available as free / name your price downloads via Bandcamp

Non Combat Syndrome - Steve Plews Trio

Steve Plews piano | Gavin Barras double bass | George Grundy drums

Cold War - Steve Plews Quartet

Steve Plews piano | Ed Jones tenor sax | Julie Walkington double bass | Winston Clifford drums

Themes of Memory - Vlad Miller

Vlad Miller piano

Advertising - DSMIV

Featuring: Steve Plews piano, guitar, bass, violin, vocals | Mike Langley sound design, guitar, keyboards | with guests

Cold Warm - Ken Hyder and Vlad Miller

Ken Hyder drums, voice | Vladimir Miller piano


Vlad Miller keyboards | Steve Plews keyboards and guitar | Paul Moss woodwind and percussion

bitter sweet island - wittgenstein's nephews

Alex Nowitz voice | Vladimir Miller keyboards

State of the Art - DSMIV

Vlad Miller keyboards, narration | Steve Plews keyboards, narration | guests

Gagarin Sang A Hymn In Space - Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground

Vlad Miller piano | Les Booth six-string electric bass | Dave Rohoman drums | Adrian Northover - saxes