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Daryl Runswick

The Jazz Years CD

"Daryl Runswick jokes that he was educated at Cambridge University and Ronnie Scott’s Club. He spent his early career writing and performing jazz and pop; more recently concert pieces. He has also been involved with free improvisation and indeterminate music, one of the few (to quote John Wickes) who can claim to have worked with both Ornette Coleman and John Cage. This duality has permeated his career as an improvising pianist, singer with Electric Phoenix, bassplayer, arranger, record producer, broadcaster, educator, community animateur and film / TV composer. Head of Composition at Trinity College of Music in London for 10 years before retiring, he has searched for a synthesis of the improvising skills of jazz with the more complex structures of concert music." (extract from Daryl's website)

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New Daryl Runswick CD on ASC Records

ASC CD176 Late Jazz (£10.00)

1 To You (Runswick) 7.00
2 Tea For Two (Youmans, Caesar) 3.54
3 Sixes & Sevens (Runswick) 6.00
4 Sulkin (Runswick) 5.26
5 Autumn Leaves (Kosma, Mercer) 5.32
6 I Worry Sometimes (Runswick) 3.28
7 Bayou Bear (Runswick) 4.20
8 Clogs (Runswick) 4.10
9 Makes a Start (Runswick) 3.25
10 Things We Said Today (Lennon-McCartney) 6.47

Daryl Runswick, piano, double bass, vocals, fretless alto guitar, piccolo bass guitar
Caroline Boaden, drums

"This is mostly a piano album. Two of the tracks feature my specially-adapted guitars, the fretless alto and the piccolo bass, and four have vocals, but the basic unit is piano, sometimes solo, sometimes with bass, sometimes bass and drums (the wonderful Caroline Boaden). I call the album Late Jazz not only in honour of ‘that jazz time of night’ but also be- cause, unlike all my other ASC releases, these are not historic recordings from the 1970s but new ones, often based around my One Man Show, in which most of them featured. So they’re late-period Runswick. The compositions too are recent (except of course the standards), all but one written since the Millennium. (Sulkin is from the 1990s.)

To You: the ‘you’ is of course my wife Alison Truefitt: she is the ‘you’ of everything I do.
Tea For Two (with vocals) can be heard – anywhere else you look – as an up-tempo novelty number (even Thelonious did it that way) but following in the magisterial steps of Dame Cleo Laine I do it as a tender ballad.
Sixes and Sevens has a latin beat with six-beat phrases and seven-phrase choruses.
Sulkin (a piano solo) uses the improvising sequence from John Coltrane’s wonderful Wise One.
Autumn Leaves (with fretless alto guitar): I devised a new, tangential chord sequence for this. I originally intended to superimpose my own tune, but the beautiful original insisted on creeping into my solo.
I Worry Sometimes (with vocals) takes its title from a line in Joni Mitchell’s song Court and Spark.
Bayou Bear (solo piano) is named after its own first three notes (‘ba-you bear...’)
Clogs (with vocals) is a diatribe against the academicization of jazz, and contains a direct quotation from Miles Himself.
Makes a Start (a barrel-house blues for solo piano) was written as a show opener.
Things We Said Today (piccolo bass and vocals) is an old, neglected Beatles number which I sang to Alison when we first got together all those years ago. Now with her encroaching dementia it becomes even more poignant."
Daryl Runswick, May 2019

Daryl on film

We released 'The Jazz Years' in 2017 to celebrate Daryl's 70th birthday and we also filmed his One Man Show at Cadogan Hall (part of his 70th Birthday Concert), which you can view here: