Vlad Miller and Notes from Underground

ASC PFDL005 Gagarin Sang a Hymn in Space

cosmonaut wearing helmet

Melodic Quartet

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Vlad Miller and Notes From Underground
Vladimir Miller – Piano
Adrian Northover – Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Leslee Booth – 6-String Bass
Dave Rohoman – Drums

"The pieces on the recording are inspired by unusual individuals who have achieved much in a short space of time. Their lives are played out in the music almost like characters in a short story. Some have entered the public domain, others not, but they remain in someone’s memory and spirit with their magical uniqueness to be never forgotten.

One of these characters represented on this album is Yuri Gagarin, the first human to venture into outer space. He landed safely, as is well known, but how he felt and the inner sensation he experienced no-one will ever know. His personal hymn will remain a mystery. "

Vlad Miller: http://vladimirmiller.co.uk/
Notes From Underground: https://vladmillernfu.wordpress.com/