Neil Todd Ensemble

ASC CD157 From Out of My Music Box (CD/Vinyl)

From Out of My Music Box CD

Debut CD from bassist / composer Neil Todd


Charlie Hearnshaw alto and tenor sax, clarinet | Chris Lee piano | Neil Todd acoustic bass | Tony Plato drums | with Andrew Vaccari trumpet, Andy Dore trombone, Neil Maya tenor sax

With the exception of Waltz for Matilda, the pieces which make up this album were all composed during the 1980s and early 1990s. However, although some were performed occasionally during this period, they remained unpublished as manuscript notes and were largely forgotten about for some 20 years until Neil rediscovered them in the autumn of 2014, while idly sorting through a box of old manuscripts and musical notes. Their discovery came as a pleasant surprise, and the idea for the album, along with the title, quickly followed.